IT Consultancy Services

Benridge London has been providing expert IT Project Consultancy Services for clients in the UK since 2010

We have worked with high profile clients across a range of industries to deliver value via successful digital initiatives and transformations

Our Expertise

We provide a range of consultancy services - specialising in digital projects. Hover over any icon to read more:

Business / Tech / Data Analysis

Deep dives into business, technical and data problems. Tell us your pain points and desired outcomes, and we will analyse your business and technology in order to define the detailed route to your goals.

Agile Product Ownership

We can deliver your product roadmap by breaking it down into an organised and efficient agile development plan, and working with tech teams to build and iterate it into a fully formed product.

Product Management

We can work with design teams and users, combined with industry research and business analysis, to craft a product roadmap that delivers value, plan it's MVP launch, assess it's success, and iterate.

Project / Delivery Management

We can build and implement a plan to get the job done - balancing time, cost and quality while proactively identifying and managing risks and complex webs of dependencies.

Our Experience

Here's some of the projects we've helped clients with over the years:

  • Data

  • API design & build
  • Data model design / redesign
  • Data migration
  • Applications

  • Web / mobile app design & build
  • New product design & integration
  • General ledger redesign & build
  • CRM design & build
  • Websites

  • Website design / redesign
  • Website replatforming
  • Platform internationalisation
  • SEO strategy development
  • Operations

  • Agile delivery improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Content management strategy

Our Clients